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make your data work!

Optimizing data management can give your organization a unique advantage. Know your data. Know biwini


We are a boutique consulting organization, specialized in transforming data into knowledge. Through business intelligence technologies and big data algorithms, we help companies, institutions and states to have better information, so they can make better decisions.



Lead the organizations knowledge



Improve the competitiveness of organizations, helping them to transform data into knowledge and information into intelligence



Leadership, collaboration, integrity, responsibility, passion and quality, every day

biwini Philosophy

Our philosophy is based on four well defined pillars

Customer Focus

We are firmly committed to the needs and opportunities of each of our clients, and we are convinced that their success is our success.


We know that no task has value, if this is not reflected in a timely, visible and objective improvement of the business.


High Standards

We are not a big company, but we come from them.
Therefore, we combine high standards of quality and technology with the flexibility, service and cost of small structures

Customization and commitment

Each project has a central place in biwini.
We respect each work schedule and guarantee senior levels of care at all times

BI & Big Data Analytics

We provide all the necessary services to optimize data management: from its generation, to its extraction, transformation and visualization. We help work teams to better understand the organization they lead


Business Intelligence

Discover the value of your data and make the best decisions.
Millions of data are generated every day in the world.
In biwini we care to make them work for the benefit of your business and convert the data into knowledge


Big Data & Analytics

Know your data and turn it into knowledge for your organization.
Increase your ability to analyze by allowing rich analytics, these being the basis for Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning and Machine Learning


Quality data and Integration

Quality data is a key asset of the company. Obtaining and integrating it requires an information system that includes logical instructions to control the accuracy of the information entered and the quality of it. 


Software Factory

At biwini, we believe that custom software helps organizations achieve competitive advantages and is one of the keys for them to differentiate themselves, successfully face new projects, perform traditional activities in innovative ways, apply new technologies and implement differential processes.

Therefore, we create value for our customers by changing the classic customer-vendor relationship for a cooperative approach with a focus on quality and shared goals. This is our commitment and in this direction we intend to grow together.

We establish long-term relationships with our clients, because we add value to their businesses, developing and implementing solutions based on custom software.


Business Process Outsourcing

We work together with our clients to detect opportunities for outsourcing specific functions of their processes, which allow them to reduce costs, gain efficiency, add value and increase quality.

Led by qualified experts, both in processes and in the latest technology platforms available, our BPO service aims to provide solutions that optimize the business and improve the operation of the organization adding quality and effectiveness.

Technology Partners

In biwini we specialize and rely on market leaders


We are proud to have customers who continue to trust us


Make your data work!

HQ Buenos Aires
Juramento 2059 floor 3
C1428DNG, CABA. Argentina

+54 11 4088-2850
+54 11 5584-6526